Yup. Fat Elon is Fat.

A year after I started this Tumblr and I find myself in a similar position.

I was able to drop almost 30 pounds by the time I completely gave up last go round and it was great. I went for a health screening and I was shown to have great blood pressure, blood sugar and all the good stuff. Very proud was I. Then almost 8 months of pure stress and work and lack of caring about how I was doing and I ended up heavier than I started back in July 2012 and now with newly acquired health insurance I got the honor of a doctor telling me that I was all sorts of broken.

So I find myself back at square one.

I realize that in every attempt until now I have always had a date for reaching some goal and that was the game. That hasn’t been that helpful. So in an effort to break my cycle I’m setting a goal that is a little more spread out and requires harder work. I’ve decided that 1 year from my re-launch of my health attempts I’d like to be at the peak of my health—not wondering what happened and what I need to do to fix it. I restarted my health attempts on July 23rd—my Mom’s birthday—and I want to be able to look in the mirror a year later with out dread.

Now I still have goal dates before a year. I have events that I’d like to look my best for, weddings, beach trips and such. And anytime I’ve ever focused in on my health I see results fairly quickly. This will be a bigger project than it has been in the past. I assume I’ll be simply healthier by September. Fairly fit by November. Then I’ll have to maintain that until July.

Let’s see how it goes.

Trials & Tribulations

So as I implied earlier—I wasn’t too pleased with the month of nothing. 

In an effort to shake things up I implemented a process that I hadn’t tried in quite some time. It’s called PSMF (Protein Sparring Modified Fast) The idea is to go on a virtual fast but maintain muscle mass. How does that work? You ingest lean protein (depending on your body weight) and virtually nothing else. Yes, you can have some fiber heavy veggies but not only are you no-carbing, you’re no-fatting. That’s litterally one of the reasons I love low-carbing so much is that I can have fat and be happy.

Not while PSMF’ing. 

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One Month. Nothing.

So After hitting the ground running SO hard in July and losing 22 pounds in a month I then proceeded to lose absolutely not one stinking pound for August into September.

I’m not amused. 

Admittedly if I’m to be honest I haven’t done anything to FACILITATE losing weight. I’ve been following the “If you want food eat” rule which is a fine rule—in general. Weird denials of food will cause bad decisions. But I think I’ve been leaning on that too much. I need to say “and I’m NOT eating that—even if I want it and that’s okay.” 

I don’t want to diet. 

Dieting implies eventual weight gain to me. I need solid life changing habits. I think Im growing those with the way i’ve been keeping to the low carb lifestyle. But low carbing doesn’t mean easy weight loss. It means easier weight loss and for me personally I’ve seen it harder to gain weight when I’m low carbing. I’m only going to eat but so much bacon and steak at one time. I’ll eat french fries and bread till the cows come home. 

So I have a new plan.

Its September 13th. My 33rd birthday is October 16th. I have a idea of what I’d like to weigh by then but I think that’s destructive. I’m not saying I’m going to weigh = A. I’m going to say that I’m going to be way more strict in my eating for the next month and 3 days. I will force way more activity out of myself and see what happens then. 34 days of calorie counting and moving will probably do wonders. And hopefully I’ll turn Jesus (33) at a weight I can be happy with. 

Or I’ll drink heavily. One or the other.

"The study, entitled Reversal of Type 2 diabetes: normalization of beta cell function in association with decrease pancreas and liver triglycerides, was exquisitely done. The bottom line: A dramatic diet change (protein shake, low glycemic load, plant-based low-calorie diet but no exercise) in diabetics reversed most features of diabetes within one week and all features by eight weeks. That’s right, diabetes was reversed in one week. That’s more powerful than any drug known to modern science."

New Research Finds Diabetes Can Be Reversed

(Source: The Huffington Post)

So Apparently…

…The only way not to want to die when adding 5 miles to your daily routine is to continue to do said 5 miles daily…

Today—on my 5th day of my "150 in 30" challenge* I got through the 5 miles, a little faster than normal AND i don’t want to commit suicide. It seems just punching through the 5 miles even when your legs tell you they want a divorce is the cure. My legs hurt less now than they did 3 days ago BEFORE a 5 mile outing.

Who the EFF knew?

*150 in 30: That’s 5 miles a day for 30 days straight equaling 150 miles in 30 days.

The Cure for Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise & Diet

No seriously.

It has long been established that a single exercise session can increase insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in previously sedentary adults (1). A single bout of moderate intensity exercise can increase glucose uptake by at least 40% (2). The benefits of exercise diminish rather quickly, however, as the effects generally dissipate within 48 to 72 h of the last exercise session (3).

Does Exercise Without Weight Loss Improve Insulin Sensitivity?

Literally 1 session—that could be like 30 minutes to an hour—increases insulin sensitivity. That’s the whole problem with diabetics. They are no longer sensitive to insulin that their body makes and now they can’t absorb the glucose that’s in their system. Hence high blood sugar. 

For the past few days I’ve been upping my exercise. 2 weeks ago no matter what I did—outside of medication—my blood sugar would not drop. Even when it DID drop it only went down to about 140. Now? I’m having regular low blood sugar readings. Not low as in “Oh it’s not as high!” I mean low as in “Get this negro some food.” 

The cure for diabetes is simply a commitment to moving and not eating the worst shit possible. 

Day 2: Another 5 miles.

Exercise is bullshit. That is my official stance on that. 

714 Calories burned. Not counting my spirit or my soul which is currently burned as well.

"Running first thing in the morning is like stabbing yourself in the clavicle."

— Elon James White

#LowCarb Nightmare: Rising Bacon Prices

The reason for surging bacon prices is that hog farmers have pared their herds due to high feed costs after corn prices hit a record near $8 a bushel last month. Retail bacon prices hit $4.77 a pound in May, according to the Labor Department, and Rich Nelson, director of research at Allendale, told Reuters that it could reach near $6 a pound in the next few months.

 The bacon community is outraged.

CNBC: The Crisis We Should Be Panicking About: Bacon Prices


5 mile run…er..jog…brisk walk…

I like to say I’m "running" but I realize that I’m actually walking shittily and then on occasion with some sort of purpose then back to shittily again.

714 Calories burned. Bitches.